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  • Increase in Monthly Assessments

    Published: December 19, 2017

    Starting January 1, 2018 - This is to inform you of the recent annual meeting vote that passed a 20% increase in your monthly assessments. Click Full Story for more.

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  • 2018 Annual Meeting Follow-Up

    Published: December 13, 2017

    We would like to thank the residents who attended the 2017 HOA meeting last night. We hope that you felt that the meeting was both informative and productive. The official vote to approve a 20% assessment increase was approved 252 yes to 25 no votes. As a side note, of the homeowners who attended the meeting last night to vote in person or presented a proxy vote, the vote was 64 yes and 25 no votes. We have posted the 2018 final budget on the HOA web site. We have posted the approved 2016 HOA meeting minutes on the HOA web site. Click Full Story for more.

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  • Roofing Project Coming to a Close

    Published: December 04, 2017

    The roofing project is coming to a close. If you still have a issue that has not been addressed please contact us immediately. Go to the website under contact us and click on roofing issue and fill in all the blanks with your info. We are trying to do a final punch list and do not want to miss anyone. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Annual Meeting Reminder

    Published: November 28, 2017

    This is a reminder about the Shops at Prestonwood annual meeting to be held on December 12, 2017. Please attend this important meeting to hear the critical financial issues that will be described during the revenue study and insurance presentations. Click Full Story for a preview of the discussions that you will hear at this important meeting.

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  • Sprinkler Backflow Testing

    Published: November 14, 2017

    It was brought to my attention yesterday that there is some confusion regarding the required back flow testing for your fire protection sprinkler system in your home. Any townhome or condo with common walls are required to have fire protection. Per the City of Carrollton, your letters are based upon when you purchased your home. If you did not receive a letter now you can wait until you do, or you can have the test and the contractor can get the customer confirmation number on line from the City.

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  • New Property Manager

    Published: November 03, 2017

    We are pleased to announce that Carol Ackerman is our new on site property manager. Carol brings 35 years of property management experience to our HOA. She also served on her HOA Board of Directors. Carol moved to Texas to be closer to her family and grandchildren. Carol will be in the amenity center office Monday through Friday 9:30am to 1:30pm. Carol’s email is Her amenity center phone number is 469-900-8675. Voice or email messages left after 1:30pm or on weekends will be returned the next business day.

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  • Change of Property Manager

    Published: October 19, 2017

    Effective today, October 19, 2017 Alicia is no longer with Legacy Southwest. She has decided to pursue other ventures and we wish her the best. Until we find a permanent replacement, Rudy will be onsite to assist in managing the property Monday- Friday from 9am-2pm. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact him by email at

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  • HOA Meeting Postponed

    Published: October 13, 2017

    The HOA would like to notify you that the HOA meeting set for 6pm on October 24, 2017, has been postponed until December 12, 2017 from 6pm-8pm. You will receive additional communication with new voting forms prior to that date. All of the meeting information and location will be on a future mailing. We decided to postpone the original meeting to give us time to have our Reserve Study completed and to arrange for a representative to attend the HOA meeting to explain their findings and recommendations. In addition, we are still negotiating our insurance contracts for 2018, and we feel that it is important to have finalized numbers in the 2018 budget detailing the increase that we expect.

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  • Why should a homeowner register?

    Published: August 24, 2017

    Receive Periodic Updates and Other Important Homeowner News, Get Access to HOA documents, Find a neighbor in the directory, Look at images of events...and much more!

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  • Hail Damage Claim

    Published: May 23, 2017

    We are moving forward with our insurance claim for hail damage. If you have any interior damage please report it to Jeff McEntire JM2 Enterprises, LLC at 214-980-4483. Please report all interior damage, no later than Tuesday, May 30, 2017. Interior damage should include any leaks from the storm and discoloration, water damage, or drywall damage.

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