Past News

  • Letter to Homeowners Regarding DR Horton Homes

    Published: March 04, 2019

    It is has been reported to the Board of Directors that during the heavy rains that we experienced in the late fall of 2018, several homes built by DR Horton began experiencing water leaks below the upper floor concrete patio slab. The leaks, over a period of time, visibly penetrated walls and ceilings below the general locations of the concrete patio slab edge. Given the limited information available at the time of the reports, the Association took proactive steps to protect property and retained Blue Nail Enterprises, a general contractor and roofing company, to inspect these homes and attempt to determine the source or cause of the leaks, and to recommend a solution to mitigate the leaks. The Association also asked Blue Nail Enterprises to inspect the upper floor concrete patio slabs at several homes built by DR Horton throughout the community that had not experienced water leaks.

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